The Ignite Programme

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Make a donation today to change the life of a disadvantaged student at Southampton. 

To a young person from an underrepresented background, studying for a degree at Southampton is a life-changing experience. University is a place where memories are made, connections are formed and stories begin.

But once they arrive at university, many of these students will find it harder than they ever imagined to complete their studies.

Many have to work alongside their degree just to get by - or may have caring responsibilities for loved ones. Others will feel isolated, without family and friends to turn to for support.

As a result, these students often struggle to make the most of their time at university. Many will not get the grades they deserve. Some may even have to drop out.

You can help.

Donate to the Ignite Programme to ensure our most at-risk students have the support they need to make the most of their time here and achieve their potential, regardless of their background.

Your donation will provide these students with a life-changing combination of financial assistance, one to one support, mentoring, skills workshops and work experience – giving them the skills and confidence to secure a bright, hopeful future.  

Will you give to the Ignite Programme and transform a life today?

100% of your gift will go to the Ignite Programme. 

£30 could help a student buy course textbooks and study materials 

£50 could give a student the chance to say yes to an opportunity, like attending a skills workshop or joining a student club

£250 could pay for a student to buy a new laptop for their course  

£500 could help a student feel secure by covering essential food and living costs

£1000 could provide a student with paid work experience for a month 

Make a regular gift

By making a monthly gift, you will be helping even more students to receive the vital support they need to make the most of their time at Southampton and graduate with the grades they deserve. 

Leave a gift in your will

Find out more about how to leave a lasting impact by remembering us in your will. Please contact our Legacies Manager, Richard Wilson - 

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