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We believe that financial circumstances should never prevent talented and ambitious students, at any point in their studies, from benefiting from a pioneering and world-leading education at the University of Southampton. Your support allows us to provide assistance to students who are struggling financially. In times of unforeseen hardship, students can apply to the University for help to continue their studies.

In difficult circumstances, such as the death of a parent or carer, your gifts enable us to step in and ensure that a lack of funds does not prevent a student from succeeding in their studies.

Your gift can help students like Chris, who grew up in the care system. At 18, with no family support, he had to leave education and get a job. It was only when he reached 25 that he realised he wanted to further his potential, and he decided to go to university. But this came at a high price, and having paid for his undergraduate degree with student loans, his debts now sit at around £60,000 and grow by £100 in interest every month.

Chris is an exceptional student – he is doing his Masters in Data Science and he is first in his class. The University of Southampton is one of the best in the country for his subject, but only a few months ago, he faced the very real possibility of having to leave. He just couldn’t afford his rent and the cost of food.

For Chris, receiving a grant was a lifeline and he was able to continue his studies. In November he received his first £1000 on rent and living costs, and also received a welcome pack including vouchers for Sainsbury’s and Amazon. In July, he’ll get a further £1000 for rent, or to cover emergencies like repairs to his laptop, or to the bicycle he uses to commute 40 minutes each way.

We want to make sure our brilliant education is fair and accessible to everyone who deserves it. Unfortunately, applications outweigh the amount we have available every year. We need your help to support more students like Chris.

Chris says; “My life was so bad when I was young, but now I’m doing a Masters at one of the best universities in the world. These grants really do enable people, who wouldn’t otherwise have the chance, to get a university education. My childhood wasn’t good but given the opportunity I can do things that have value not just in my life, but in society too. Thank you so very much.”

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